Sunday, June 23, 2013

Prom Accessories

With my school prom on the horizon, I dragged my parents around dozens and dozens of shops looking for accessories to accompany my navy blue prom dress. I wanted to go for the Egyptian goddess look, so I went for gold jewelry. Here's what I bought:

1. Sandals £28 from Collection (good for the sole) at Debenhams
The moment I saw these shoes I fell in love. I wanted something with a kitten heel instead of a large heel because I didn't want sore feet and I am unbelievably clumsy, so these are perfect! The sandals have a small wedge heel, so it gives you a little bit of height but not too much. They are also very very comfy and the chain goes very well with the navy blue of the dress. 

2. £8.99 Wake Me Up foundation from Rimmel
    £4.99 Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Eternal Gold
    ((Both from Superdrug))
I love drug store makeup, it's cheap and you can get some really great products for the price you pay.
The foundation is one that I use on a regular basis. It's light and illuminating and it feels so lovely on my skin. I wanted a foundation that would last all night, so even when I'm sweating like a pig on the dance floor I wouldn't sweat all my makeup off!
The Colour Tattoo is something that I want to experiment with. I chose the Eternal Gold colour to go with my jewelry, but this product comes in all sorts of different colours. I was thinking about using this to highlight the eyeliner flick, but I have yet to experiment. 

3. £23 Earrings from Jasper J Conran at Debenhams
    £30 Necklace from Jasper J Conran at Debenhams
    £25 Bracelet from Jasper J Conran at Debenhams 
The earrings were a great find, as they were reduced from the original price. They have a lovely bauble-like pendant covered in diamonds hanging from a gold chain. They are light, so they don't weigh my ear down. I have a top-ear piercing on my left ear, and these earrings match the stud I had chosen to wear. Yippee!
The necklace is perfect if you're looking for something light, yet striking. It's a statement piece that would probably go well with anything.
The bracelet matches the necklace perfectly. I am a massive fan of that, when things match perfectly. It's just nice, you know? Like when your underwear matches or your socks match. 

4. £12.99 Clutch from New Look
It took me forever to find a clutch I liked that went well with everything, but as soon as I saw this one in New Look I knew that this was the one I wanted. It's large enough to hold all my bits and bobs and it has a handy chain so, when I get tired of carrying it around like a clutch, I can just swing it over my shoulder. I carry a lot of things around with me that I would consider "essentials", so if you wanted to get a clutch that is big enough to hold everything then this is a good choice. 

So, there you have it. My prom accessories. I hope that some of this has inspired some of you!


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